Caring For One Another

Caring For One Another

Pictured above: A volunteer from a local church serving a participant in the dining room.

Relationships are essential to the work at Center of Hope. We take the time to talk with every person who comes in the door and discover their story and hear why they have come to see us. Often the person will tell us of their one need. Center of Hope’s challenge is to dig a little deeper and to not only provide relief for that one need, but to encourage them to share other struggles they may be experiencing.

Gary came after being referred to us by a local utility company. His income did not cover his rising expenses and he came for help. We talked through his rent, food bills, and utilities. We helped him with a portion of his needs and connected him to other local resource partners for additional assistance.

Before he left, he sat and ate a bowl of hot soup with our Springtown Coordinator, Misti. He talked about losing his mom two years ago and the loneliness he deals with every day. As they finished lunch, he remarked, “It was so nice to talk to a real person and not just someone on the phone.” Misti invited him to return next week and enjoy a meal. She told him he did not have to come for groceries or a bill, he could come just to visit. Gary left with hope knowing he had found a place where he felt safe to talk with someone who cared.

Sometimes helping others comes in the form of financial or food assistance. However, the value of connection between people walking through life together is priceless.

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