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Building Success Through Determination

Building Success Through Determination

Pictured above: A volunteer helping to prepare a student for their GED exam.

Robert walked in the door wanting to get his GED, but not sure it was possible. He had not performed well in school and had little belief in himself that he was able to learn. Although he had doubts about what he could achieve, he came to Center of Hope to try.

Our Education Coordinator, Pat Johnson, gave him a series of assessment tests to check his current levels in math, language arts, and reading. He wasn’t surprised that his math level scored at second grade. Pat told him we usually start students in their best subject to build success. Robert decided he wanted to tackle his hardest subject first. He started with math.

For almost a year, Robert came for tutoring four hours every week. He was determined to achieve his goal. In March, Robert took another assessment test, and much to his surprise, he scored much higher. He is now ready to take the math portion of his GED exam!

Robert is just one of many students who come here to achieve their goals. We are grateful for the wonderful tutors who support and encourage students just like Robert. They are making a difference!

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