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The Power of Reading

Linda’s smile and cheerful presence immediately light up a room. She has grown close to everyone at Center of Hope over the past 4 months of attending and has found a community she didn’t have before. After first visiting the Center with her husband seeking basic assistance, she was introduced to Pat, the Center’s Adult Read More

Finding Peace and Restoration

At first, Kelly didn’t know what to expect from Center of Hope’s Jobs for Life class. With a background in business and corporate America, she thought it may just be a review from her past experiences.  After a season of incarceration, Kelly became a resident in Sanctified Hope’s 12-month program, where she found out about Read More

A New Found Confidence

Communicating in a culture where your native tongue is not the primary language can prove challenging.  For Delia, this was true as she would find it difficult to communicate confidently in life’s common public settings.  With a desire to speak and write English more fluently with her family’s doctors, children’s teachers and other everyday situations, Read More


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