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Career Development

Career Development

Center of Hope’s Career Development program offers comprehensive solutions aimed at fostering lifelong skills and techniques to enhance individuals’ capacity to secure employment. We provide a diverse range of life and work skill classes, empowering both men and women to acquire the knowledge, expertise, and confidence necessary for achieving greater success in their careers.

This program is provided free of charge and childcare is offered on-site.

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S.T.E.P.S. Class

Start Today Empowering Personal Success focuses on helping participants begin their journey toward self-sufficiency by examining financial, social, emotional, physical, educational and spiritual needs. Participants create goals, identify obstacles and develop a plan of action that will be utilized with the help of a Life Coach assigned at the completion of the one-day class. Life coach appointments are made on a monthly basis and attendance is required for the continuation of services.

S.T.E.P.S. class is held on Tuesday and Thursday.  For more information, please call 817.594.0266.

Jobs <br /> for Life

Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life is a life-changing opportunity for men and women to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to experience greater success. As students learn skills needed for the workforce, they are equipped with confidence, dignity and the desire to become self-sufficient. Most importantly, each student has the opportunity to develop a relationship built on trust within themselves, with others, and ultimately with God.

Jobs for Life is an 8-week job training program held twice a week in the fall and spring semesters. Surrounded by a community of ongoing support, students are able to identify barriers to employment, explore career goals and strengthen core work readiness skills.

Some examples of what students learn:

  • FAITH-BASED TEACHINGS: Biblical understanding of work; Understanding of value and identity; Integrity in the workplace
  • LIFE SKILLS: Healthy Relationships; Time Management; Conflict Resolution; Succeeding through adversity; Personal responsibility and self-discipline
  • JOB SKILLS: Computer Skills; Work Ethic; Resume Writing; Professional Conduct; Effective communication skills; Interviewing; Networking

Community relationships and strategic business partnerships are crucial to the success of this program. Numerous community, church and professional volunteers assist through activities such as mock job interviews, class instruction, speakers and community/employer roundtables.

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Powered <br />for Life

Powered for Life

Powered For Life is a 5-week class in the fall and spring semester to help students understand God’s purpose for their life. The Center helps students develop a positive self-image, overcome personal problems, feel accomplished and achieve goals.

Some examples of what students learn:

  • FAITH-BASED TEACHINGS: Biblical understanding of value and identity
  • LIFE SKILLS: Healthy Relationships; Time Management; Conflict Resolution; Succeeding through adversity; Personal responsibility and self-discipline

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Careers Now<br /> Construction

Careers Now Construction

Center of Hope has developed a pre-apprenticeship training program designed to help individuals gain valuable knowledge of the construction industry. This class features a five-week training period with four days of instruction per week and connects students to employers ready to hire.

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Internship<br />Program

The Hope Chest Job Training Program

For qualifying students, the Center offers a six-month paid job training program through our resale shop, The Hope Chest. Students will have the opportunity to improve on core work readiness skills while staying connected to their Life Coach and classes at the Center.

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Computer <br />Training

Computer Training

Center of Hope offers four computer classes: Basic Computer and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Each courses provides basic computer training during a 3-5 week training. No prior computer experience is required, making them accessible to all. Participants are welcome to attend any of the classes that align with their needs and interests.

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Financial <br />Management

Financial Management

The 5-week Financial Management class focuses on teaching financial literacy to our participants in order to strengthen the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed and effective money management decisions. During this 5-week course, participants will study budgeting in-depth including tracking personal income and expenses and creating their own budget based on Biblical principles.

This class is a prerequisite for making an appointment with one of the Financial Management coaches.

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Keep <br /> CALM


Keep CALM is a 5-week class addressing how to have peace in a chaotic world. Based on the book “Anxious for Nothing” by Max Lucado, the class is divided into four main sections, each tackling a different aspect of finding calm amidst the chaos: Celebrating God’s Goodness, Asking for Help, Leaving Your Concerns With God, and Mediating on Good Things.  By incorporating practical strategies into your life, you can cultivate a sense of calm, overcome anxiety, and live with renewed peace and joy. 

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Life <br /> Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaches meet one-on-one with individual participants to gain a deeper relationship and understanding of their needs. Life Coaches will help individuals identify goals, hold them accountable, and provide encouragement throughout their journey.

Participants wanting to get connected with a life coach must attend a S.T.E.P.S. class.  S.T.E.P.S. meets weekly on Tuesday and Thursday.  

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