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At Center of Hope, volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization. They embody the spirit of service and compassion, dedicating their time and energy to making a difference in the lives of others. Whether they can spare just one hour or commit to helping every day, each volunteer plays a vital role in our mission to bring hope and support to those in need.

If you are interested volunteering, we invite you to our upcoming volunteer orientations. Please RSVP to Ana’leah Harmon at if you plan to attend.

Weatherford Location: (1318 Clear Lake Rd)

  • July 11th: 8:30 AM
  • August 8th: 8:30 AM
  • September 12th: 8:30 AM
  • September 26th: 2:30 PM
  • October 10th: 8:30 AM
  • October 24th: 2:30 AM
  • November 14th: 8:30 AM
  • December 12th: 8:30 AM

Springtown Location: (350 Agnes N., Springtown)

  • July 17th: 10:30 AM
  • August 20th: 10:30 AM
  • September 18th: 10:30 AM
  • October 16th: 10:30 AM
  • November 20th: 10:30
Opportunities to Serve

If you have any questions regarding opportunities to serve, please contact Ana’leah Harmon at or 817-594-0266, ext. 327.

Our Pantry Team: Serves our participants directly by helping them select groceries according to family size and availability. Pantry volunteers also visit with participants as well as encourage them along their journey. This position also involves stocking and organizing the pantry.

Drivers: Volunteer drivers are needed to pick up donations of food and grocery items from stores and individuals.

The Hope Chest Volunteers: Sort, arrange, price and unload donations, plus much more!

Office Volunteers: Greet participants and identify needs. Answer phones, fill out vouchers, pledges and other administrative duties.

Instructors: Teach classes and/or tutor students one-on-one. Please see a listing of all our classes to see where your special skills and talents fit.

Basic Literacy Tutor: Volunteers that assist adult literacy students in an effort to improve reading, comprehension, writing and math skills. Many of these students are adults that cannot read.

High School Equivalency Tutor: Volunteers that work with students in reading, language arts, math, science and social studies to help students work toward completion of their HSE credentials. Tutors generally work in one subject area with the student until the student passes that part of the HSE test.

Basic English Teachers: Opportunities are available for instructors to teach basic conversational English for non-English speakers.

Camp Hope Volunteers have the opportunity to work with children as they cook, read and play at Camp. There are multiple camps throughout neighborhoods in Parker County where individuals, churches or businesses can volunteer. Visit our Camp Hope page for more information. What a great way to spend a summer!

Additional Training Required

Participant Advisors: Meet with participants one on one to start the process of diminishing fear and instilling hope by building a relationship of trust. Advisors also help the participant identify needs and suggest resources that will help in their particular situation. This position warrants a spiritually mature individual and training is required.

Life Coaches: Volunteers that are an essential component of Center of Hope’s programs as they strive to help participants to break the cycle of poverty. The interactions between the Center participants and Life Coaches are designed to build trust and long-term relationships, both of which are essential for the participant to learn that they can change to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Life Coaches typically meet with participants once a month by appointment, to provide ongoing support and encouragement as the participant moves forward into a more stable, more productive and hopefully a more Christ-centered lifestyle.

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Family Serve Days

Family Serve Days

Looking for an opportunity for your family o serve this year?   Family Serve Days offer your entire family an opportunity to help your neighbor in need.   Join us for a fun, kid-friendly activity that will teach kiddos to think beyond themselves and their own needs as they model Christ’s example though service.  If interested in serving, contact Ana’leah at

2024 Family Serve Dates: 

March 14th: 5:00 PM – 7:15 PM

June 26th: 5:00 PM – 7:15 PM

August 8th: 5:00 PM – 7:15 PM

December 5th: 5:00 PM – 7:15 PM




Christmas Events

Christmas Outreach

Our Christmas Outreach is our annual drive-thru event that  provides those in need with Christmas food baskets, prayer, warm blankets, and lots of other Christmas items.  You or your church/business can help by hosting a booth and/or donating goodies that will help make Christmas special for struggling families.  

Weatherford: December 14, 2024 | Springtown: December 18, 2024  

If interested in serving, contact Lindy at

Toys for Tots:

Join us as we partner with Toys for Tots to make sure every child receives a toy for Christmas!   Volunteers are needed to sort through toys, set up the toy rooms, and distribute toys to families.   If you are interested in serving, contact Ana’leah at:







Attend Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer orientations are held at our Weatherford and Springtown locations. For the orientation schedule, please click here. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP to Ana’leah Harmon at or call 817-594-0266, ext. 327.

If you wish to have your minor child volunteer, please read our Age Requirement Policy.

After you attend Volunteer Orientation, you’ll have an opportunity to complete the volunteer application and submit personal references. Other steps in the volunteer process include a personal interview and volunteer training. You’ll learn more about this at Volunteer Orientation.

How Do You Become a Volunteer?

Every individual wanting to serve must attend a volunteer orientation held at Center of Hope on the second Thursday of the month at 8:30 AM and the fourth Thursday of the month at 2:30 PM. During the orientation, individuals will tour the Center and learn about the different areas in which to serve. 

For more information on volunteering, please contact Ana’leah Harmon at or 817-594-0266, ext. 327.

Can My Group Volunteer?

Yes. If you are a group and would like to serve, please fill out a “group volunteer request form“. If unable to complete the form, please contact Ana’leah Harmon at or 817-594-0266 ext. 327. Groups do not need to go through the same process as individual volunteers.

What Are Your Volunteer Needs?

A list of volunteer opportunities can be found under Opportunities to Serve.

Do You Have Any Open Days/Times That You Can Always Use Volunteers?

Center of Hope is open Monday – Thursday from 10AM – 2PM. During these hours of operation, there are many different opportunities to serve. Because the Center is primarily made up of volunteers, they are scheduled ahead of time so we know we are covered in specific areas. We typically do not have open days/times where we can use volunteers that haven’t been previously scheduled. If you do want to volunteer and haven’t been scheduled, it is always best to call ahead and see if we have any projects/areas that need to be covered. The person to contact would be Ana’leah Harmon at 817-594-0266 ext. 327.

Can I Complete My Court Appointed Community Service Hours Center of Hope?

Yes. Please contact Colleen Wiley at 817-594-0266 ext. 311.

Can a Minor Volunteer at Center of Hope?

Yes! Although our Age Requirement Policy requires volunteers to be over the age of 18, we do offer quarterly events for individuals under the age of 18 to serve. Family Serve Days provide a space for children to serve alongside their parents and Teen Serve Days allow teenagers 16-18 yrs of age to serve alongside their peers. 

For more information about our Family Serve or Teen Serve Days, please contact Ana’Leah Harmon at 817-594-0266, ext. 327.

When Are Volunteer Orientations?

Volunteer orientations are held the second Thursday of the month at 8:30 AM and fourth Thursday at 2:30 PM. They typically run about an hour. No RSVP required.

Please contact Ana’leah Harmon with any questions at or 817-594-0266, ext. 327. 

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