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Center of Hope Protocol for Children / Minors Volunteering

Guidelines for Service by Children, Youth and Family Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential component of the mission of Center of Hope. Our volunteers are critical to the work we do and we value each volunteer as an important member of our team.

This guideline for children and youth volunteers has been established to allow young people opportunities to serve while also considering their safety and the safety and confidentiality of our participants and their families. We appreciate each individual and family who wishes to contribute to the work we do at Center of Hope and ask for understanding and cooperation as we work together to serve our community.

As a general rule, to become a Center of Hope volunteer, one must be at least 18 years of age, attend orientation and complete an application and training period prior to being assigned to a volunteer position. However, for children and youth, the guidelines are as follows:

1. Family, school, youth and student volunteer groups are invited to serve at Center of Hope when appropriate projects are available. Advanced approval by a Director and/or the CEO and appropriate supervision is required; the schedule for service will be set by the COH Volunteer Coordinator when arrangements are made. Examples of this type of volunteer service include Family Serve Day and holiday events. Special projects may also be available to be completed at home or church.

2. Individual students age 16 and above may volunteer with adult supervision at the Center outside of service hours (before 10 am and after 2 pm Monday through Thursday or sometime Friday-Sunday) with prior approval from a Director or the CEO, depending upon availability of volunteer projects. These projects will not include contact with any Center participants (clients).

3. Volunteer opportunities at The Hope Chest may be available for youth ages 16 and above, with approval from the COH Volunteer Coordinator and The Hope Chest store manager. Hope Chest volunteers must complete a volunteer application and orientation prior to placement.

4. Children and youth under the age of 18 may attend Camp Hope with their parent volunteer.

5. In all cases, for children and youth volunteers, the supervision ratio of adults to students should be at least 1:10.

Please contact Lindy Woods, our Volunteer Coordinator, at or 817-594-0266 ext. 327 with questions.

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