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It takes everyone working together in a community to bring about a stronger future. Businesses, agencies, churches and individuals strategically engaged in the community can make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors!

We invite you to come and make a lasting change to your community. Working together makes us stronger, creates opportunities and inspires hope.

For more information on how you can partner with Center of Hope as a church, please contact Linda Leal at 817-594-0266 x330 or For more information on partnering as a business, contact Lyndsie Montgomery at

Churches of Hope  Businesses of Hope

Every organization needs a foundation to be successful. For us, our backing is the local Body of Christ.

Today, over 70 Parker County churches commit to support Center of Hope. It is beautiful to see so many different denominations come together to help their community.

Steps to Becoming a Church of Hope

  • Prayerfully consider and select Center of Hope as a local mission outreach effort through church leadership and congregational partnership
  • Appoint a church member as the coordinator who serves as the liaison between your church family and Center of Hope
  • Serve in regular rotation in the kitchen and dining room
  • Share the vision of Center of Hope annually with your congregation through a brief presentation of updated ministry success and program offerings

Benefits of Becoming a Church of Hope

  • Positively engage your congregation in active service through the Center of Hope’s local ministry utilizing their spiritual gifts, serving in the kitchen and other volunteer opportunities
  • Readily fulfill the service need of your church through a developed system of benevolent care at Center of Hope, saving your staff time and resources
  • Regularly recognize your church at Center of Hope locations and media – newsletter, website, etc. to encourage people looking for a church home to visit you
  • Periodically unite with over 70 other area churches to function as the Body of Christ in Parker County
Churches of Hope

Center of Hope relies heavily on community involvement. Many Parker County schools, businesses, associations and other groups have taken action to end poverty in our community.

Steps to Becoming a Business of Hope

  • Regular financial commitment with an annual gift or in-kind donations of relative goods or services
  • Shared community involvement through Center of Hope events and programs such as: Education & Career Development, Family Empowerment, serving in the kitchen and/or pantry, food drives, etc

Benefits of Becoming a Business of Hope

  • Positively engage your employees in active service through the Center of Hope’s local ministry
  • Strengthen community cohesiveness
  • Recognition of your business in newsletter publications
  • Link to your business through our electronic communication
  • Recognition of your business through signage in Center of Hope’s dining room viewed by area church and civic volunteers
Businesses of Hope

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