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Family Empowerment

Family Empowerment
Camp Hope

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Camp Hope, our summer program for kids, ministers to families and children in Parker County with the focus to feed children physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through Camp Hope, our youth have a unique opportunity to learn new skills and experience community in their own neighborhood. Twelve camps are held once per week in low-income neighborhoods throughout Parker County in the summer. While at camp, participants will learn how to prepare a simple, healthy meal each week as well as learn and practice other life skills including decision-making, positive communication, and healthy coping skills. Campers will receive books each week to keep, as well as a bag of groceries which include both non-perishables and fresh foods. In addition, campers receive positive, ongoing mentoring support through the 300 volunteers in this program.

For more information about Camp Hope or to find out ways you can engage, contact Lindy Woods at

Counselor's Closet

Through Counselor’s Closet, Center of Hope is able to partner with local ISDs to strengthen the relationship between counselors and students. As the counselors become aware of a student’s need, they will have the means to assist those students through resources we share with the schools such as food, hygiene products, clothes, and school supplies. This partnership will also connect more families from the schools to other needed resources and education opportunities available through Center of Hope.

For more information about Counselor’s Closet, contact Lindy Woods at

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Family Services

Many families, particularly those with low incomes, often find themselves facing unexpected crises that can upend their lives. Whether it’s a sudden job loss, a medical emergency, or other types of crisis, these events can plunge families into financial turmoil and uncertainty.  Center of Hope’s Crisis Assistance program provides the support families need to help them navigate challenging situations and regain stability.

For more information on the type of assistance we offer, visit:

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