Reigniting Hope

Reigniting Hope

“Monica” had always been a hard worker, but recently, making ends meet had become an uphill battle. With bills piling up and the cost of living rising, she knew something had to change. Determined to find a higher-paying job, she began looking through job listings. She quickly encountered a common obstacle: most of the positions she sought required a high school diploma, something she didn’t have.

Monica began to look for options and was told about Center of Hope. She liked that the education program offered tutoring, particularly since it appeared the program could accommodate her current work schedule. Feeling both apprehension and hope, she took the first step and scheduled her appointment.

In the months that followed, Monica was able to balance her job and tutoring sessions. With each passing day, she found herself grasping concepts that she had long forgotten. She could feel her confidence building and that her goal was coming into view. Then one day, she took an assessment and the test indicated she was ready to take her GED test. She took it and passed on the first try.

For many adults, going back to school is challenging as they balance the many responsibilities that come with being an adult and continuing one’s education. Monica’s successful experience highlights how an education can reignite hope and open doors to new opportunities. Monica now has a better paying job and is on the right track to a better future.

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