10 Years of Putting God First

10 Years of Putting God First

Ten years ago, Center of Hope launched an innovative program to support its mission of alleviating poverty. This program had been a dream for many years but was finally realized in 2014 when the doors opened to The Hope Chest, an upscale resale store. Over the past decade, the store has become a valuable resource to the community, providing much more than a place to shop.

The store’s purpose is multifaceted: to help clothe those in need, to provide an internship to those needing work skills, and to provide funding for the Center’s operations. Since its inception, The Hope Chest has received donations from over 53,000 individuals, stocking the store with a wide variety of items including clothing, accessories, housewares, and furniture. This outpouring of generosity has enabled the store to raise millions of dollars, which in turn has supported thousands of Parker County families struggling with poverty.

Heidi Rodosta, The Hope Chest manager, emphasizes the store’s unique mission and its connection to the Center’s faith and values. “First and foremost, this is God’s store,” Rodosta states. “This is not only a place where community shops and donates, but we are also helping families get back on their feet. The funding we receive can serve as a lifeline for those needing food or financial assistance, or even open pathways to education and career development opportunities. When you understand the purpose of the store, it makes coming to work that much more fulfilling.”

On Saturday, June 22nd, The Hope Chest will celebrate its 10-year milestone. Staci Markwardt, Center of Hope CEO, remarks, “The story of The Hope Chest serves as a testament to the power and compassion of the Parker County community. It is a shining example of how a shared vision and collective effort can create a lasting change for so many in our community who are struggling. I couldn’t be more thankful to each person who has shopped, donated, or volunteered.”