“You People Saved My Life.”

“You People Saved My Life.”

James walked into Center of Hope with a story to tell.  He started with this statement, “You people saved my life.  You saved my marriage.  You saved us!” 

He composed himself and began to tell about the day he first came to Center of Hope.  “I had just completed a 45 day stay in the Weatherford jail on drug related charges.  On the day I was released, my wife came to get me.”  She was, according to him, “a mess”.  The jail had given them one option of where they should go.  They told them to come to Center of Hope.  

“When we got here, we looked awful.  I had been in jail.  I was hot and dirty, and I smelled pretty bad.  My wife  wasn’t much better,” James remembered.   “We walked into Center of Hope and one of the first things we received was an offer for lunch.”  That simple act meant so much to him – a home cooked meal, offered graciously, without judgment.

After they ate, they sat down and told their story.  It was clear to the Center of Hope staff that this couple needed a program to help them with their addiction.  Arrangements were made for transportation to Hamilton, Texas to enter a program at Hope House, a partner of Center of Hope.  James was thankful as he and his wife prepared for the hour and a half ride.   

One of the first steps in overcoming addiction involves deciding to make a change.  James and his wife have begun this journey.  Please be in prayer for this couple as they find their strength to overcome their addictions. 

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