Special Christmas Memories

Special Christmas Memories

Joe struggled with addiction through much of his adult life.  Three years ago, he wanted to turn his life around, so he completed an inpatient rehabilitation program.  He joined a local church and worked hard to rebuild his relationship with his wife and young daughter.

Joe desperately wanted to be a better provider for his family.  He had read about the Center’s CareersNow Construction program and thought this just might be the perfect plan for him.  For five weeks, Joe participated in class and learned about various careers in the industry.  By the time he graduated, he had received his OSHA certification and had the confidence to land his new career in construction. 

Within a few weeks, Joe found a good job and was making more money than he ever had before.  Because the Christmas season was coming up, he wanted to do something special for his family.  He went to The Hope Chest and purchased a Christmas tree.  While checking out, he told the cashier, “This is a very special gift for my family our first Christmas tree!” This gesture may have been small, but from the smile on Joe’s face, it meant the world to him. 

Your support of Center of Hope plays a critical role in helping build stability  in  families.   For  Joe, his wife, and daughter, it  means  a  fresh  start to a  beautiful life together. 

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