Need Prayer?

Need Prayer?

Center of Hope has always been committed to not only meet the physical, tangible needs of those who come through our doors but to point them to the one true Source of their hope and success. Prayer is a vital part of our mission. During our drive-thru services, not only food but personal prayer for each household has been offered to all who would receive it.

“One thing I’ve noticed is how starved they are for a personal touch,” says one of our faithful prayer warriors, Debbie.“ I always ask, ‘May I touch you?’ I then lay my hand on their arm or their shoulder when they say yes, and so many of them clasp my hand in return.”

“People’s struggles seem to be the same as always – just more intense,” says Debbie. “No work, bills to pay, family problems and more. People are recognizing us when they come back week to week, and they seem glad to see us again. Big smiles…I think we’re making a difference.”

And all in Jesus’ name! Join us in praying for every family and individual the Lord sends to our doors.

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