Celebrating Success and Community

Celebrating Success and Community

Teachers, students, family, and friends gathered as a community in December to celebrate six graduates of our ESL (English as a Second Language) program.  These students journeyed together with diligence and perseverance to complete 5 levels of ESL.  Here is a glimpse of how their lives were changed…

Delmy attended Center of Hope for the past two years after learning about the classes from a friend and future classmate. Originally from El Salvador, Delmy moved to the United States 10 years ago.

“The classes have helped me a lot. To live here in America, it is difficult. I needed to learn more English to communicate at work, and in general, to live and communicate clearly. My husband and I own a roofing company, and I help with the paperwork and office. Learning English has helped us grow our clients.” – Delmy

Delmy is now enrolled in a book club at Center of Hope to continue practicing her English. The students are reading through Little Women together. Her goals and plans don’t stop there, however. She plans to enroll in Center of Hope’s GED classes to pursue her High School Equivalency certificate.

“The ESL program at Center of Hope has been the most important step to reach my goal. I have lived in Mexico, Italy, and now the United States, and one of my goals is to be trilingual. Thanks to the amazing teachers and 5 levels of English classes, I can now read, write, and speak English. I am not 100% fluent yet, but I definitely know enough to run my small business by myself without the help of my husband to interpret. My dream is to become a realtor.” – Brenda

“The English classes impacted my life.  I have made friends that are family now. It has taught me how to be grateful with every opportunity I have.  I love to help translate for others that I meet. I am moving towards becoming a dentist in the United States because of English classes at Center of Hope.” – Paula

“I’m happy because the English class changed my life. Now, I can go everywhere, and I don’t feel afraid to ask questions to others. My life is now easier. My goal now is to pursue new job opportunities.” – Esmerelda

“Taking this English class has helped me in my daily life, but mostly, it has helped me at work since I can interact with more clients. I believe speaking English will open more doors for me and help me expand my cleaning business.” – Yolanda

Each ESL graduate has been equipped to live life with confidence and to take their next step toward their goals. When you give financially, you help provide the classroom space, supplies, and curriculum for all of our students to learn and grow. Your investment in others changes lives.

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