It’s Never Too Late To Let Your Light Shine!

It’s Never Too Late To Let Your Light Shine!

Since 2005, Camp Hope has been making an impact on hundreds of Parker County kids.  Each year, over 300 campers experience faith, fun, and friendships right in their own community.  One of the greatest benefits for camp attendees is their interaction with volunteers.  These dedicated individuals brave the summer heat to mentor and support the campers and show them Jesus loves and cares for them.

Five years ago, a group of church members from First Baptist Horseshoe Bend requested volunteers from their congregation help with Camp Hope.  One gentleman, Mr. Price, answered the call.  He began with the simple task of picking up supplies, but this  quickly changed as he found interacting with kids was exactly what he wanted to do.  At 93, he knew it wasn’t too late to pour his heart into helping the younger    generation.

“I thank God for keeping me active and able to do what He wants me to do,” Mr. Price says. “Camp Hope gives me a way to serve. The kids who come to camp are in need of food, and I help them prepare a meal and get the groceries they need.  They are appreciative and they enjoy all the camp activities.” 

But his servant heart doesn’t end at camp.  He is also a weekly member of our pantry team.  On Wednesdays, you will find him stocking food, helping families pick out their groceries, and giving out advice and recipes. 

“I believe God blesses those who help people,” states Mr. Price.  “If I can help one person who comes in for food, it is all worth it. When you help people, you just feel better.”

Thank you, Mr. Price, for being an inspiration to us all!

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