Finding Peace and Restoration

Finding Peace and Restoration

At first, Kelly didn’t know what to expect from Center of Hope’s Jobs for Life class. With a background in business and corporate America, she thought it may just be a review from her past experiences.  After a season of incarceration, Kelly became a resident in Sanctified Hope’s 12-month program, where she found out about Jobs for Life and the Center’s partnership with them.  She soon realized after starting the faith-based class, it was exactly what she needed.

“It was like a refresher course,” says Kelly about Jobs for Life.

The mock interviews were most beneficial to her as she was able to rebuild her confidence, update her resume and receive honest critique and feedback from professionals in the community.  The practice and preparation paid off as she was able to implement what she learned in real-life interviews. Shortly after graduating from Jobs for Life in February this year, she accepted a position as a customer service representative for a local business, who accepted her with open arms as she learns and relearns different skills.

Kelly knows she could not have completed Jobs for Life without the help of her Heavenly Father and the instructors He has placed in the class.

“They volunteer for this. They have a heart for this. They are all in. Their love for God is so prevalent, you can feel the love in the room. They sincerely wanted to help us,” says Kelly of the Jobs for Life instructors.  “When you put God in the mix, and that kind of experience, and their love for the Lord, you are going to learn something.”

Through the genuine love, care and encouragement of the instructors and their Biblical perspective and advice from years of experience, Kelly has seen Jobs for Life as one way the Lord continues to restore her life.  Her confidence has been regained as she was reminded of her identity and voice that had always been there.  Even after graduating, Kelly continues to meet with her life coach and knows the resources are there if you help yourself.

“Even when I leave Sanctified Hope, Center of Hope is still there. It is a true blessing and gives me a sense of peace.”

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