The Power of Reading

The Power of Reading

Linda’s smile and cheerful presence immediately light up a room. She has grown close to everyone at Center of Hope over the past 4 months of attending and has found a community she didn’t have before. After first visiting the Center with her husband seeking basic assistance, she was introduced to Pat, the Center’s Adult Basic Education Coordinator. Having a desire to learn how to read better, she was paired with a teacher with whom she would come to have a special bond.

“God put me with my teacher. For her to want to show up and help me amazes me,” says Linda. “I call her ‘mom.’”

With a desire to earn her HSE, Linda knows her teacher is in it with her to see her succeed. Linda meets every Tuesday and Wednesday with her teacher at the Center. Through daily homework, reading and lessons in class, she has seen much improvement.  The journey has also been more than learning to read better; it has been about the relationships and fellowship she has gained that have helped her through hard times. Before she did not have many friendships, partly due to her reading insecurity. Now, through reading better her confidence and personality have blossomed! She smiles more because of that confidence, which has helped her develop closer relationships.  Improvement in reading has given her the courage to pursue opportunities she had never pursued before, including a job position she would have never considered. Through the support of her husband, teacher and new found community at Center of Hope, Linda has seen the power of reading transform her everyday life.


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