A New Found Confidence

A New Found Confidence

Communicating in a culture where your native tongue is not the primary language can prove challenging.  For Delia, this was true as she would find it difficult to communicate confidently in life’s common public settings.  With a desire to speak and write English more fluently with her family’s doctors, children’s teachers and other everyday situations, she decided to join Center of Hope’s Basic English class after hearing about it from a friend.  She jumped right in, and three semesters later has grown so much that she has progressed into the Center’s advanced class.

“In Basic English class, we learned many words and vocabulary and how to put sentences together,” says Delia. “In Advanced English class, we learn more about grammar, writing English in questions and answers and with more reading assignments.”

With the help of her devoted volunteer teachers, Delia is now at the advanced English level.  Four volunteers teach the basic and advanced classes. “Our volunteers have a passion for the students, and that makes them great teachers,” says Pat Johnson, the Center’s Adult Basic Education Coordinator. “They care for the students and honestly love them. I believe the students pick that up.  One thing about Center of Hope, we attract some of the best volunteers.”

Delia’s teachers and classmates have become great friends. Not only has she developed a second language more fluently, but she has found community both inside the classroom and out, where regular fellowship and fun occur. One of her favorite learning activities in class is playing the game of Jenga.  “Every block has a question, and everyone answers a question and plays to practice English,” says Delia.  The classmates also enjoy celebrating birthdays each month and each other’s progress during end of semester parties, where delicious cultural food also makes an appearance!

“The Center and classes have changed my life,” says Delia.  “Before I was very shy in speaking English. Now I feel more sure and confident in everyday life.”

In addition to Basic and Advanced English, Center of Hope offers the following Adult Education classes and services:

  • Basic and Advanced Math and Reading Classes
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation in partnership with Bowie Learning Center

For more information, contact Pat Johnson at patj@centerofhopetx.com.

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