Breaking Generational Cycles

Breaking Generational Cycles

A race is not significant simply because of the distance traveled or the time it is completed in, but because it is finished. Heather Rodriguez has spent most of her life as a wife and a mom. After meeting and marrying her husband at a young age, she sacrificed much to help provide her family with the best life possible. However, at the end of 2023, Heather took a major step toward her personal hopes and dreams: completing her GED.

Heather endured many challenges that attempted to sway her toward the pathways demonstrated by previous generations. Yet, she was determined to be in that small percentage of individuals who did not succumb to the generational cycles that easily entangle. After years of wanting to finish her GED, Heather decided 2023 was her year. Now, with her oldest daughter in high school and her youngest entering elementary school, there were no more excuses. With the help and guidance of Center of Hope’s GED prep class, Heather tackled the required GED test. Now, Heather can tell everyone that she has obtained her high school equivalency and has sights set on completing a college degree.

Heather’s biggest motivations for completing this major step were unequivocally Jesus and her husband. As she looks forward to a college degree, Heather radiates with joy and the message that, “It doesn’t matter where you come from. You can do it!” Her encouragement to any others who may be stuck in their own generational cycles and want to step out is to, first, start a relationship with Jesus, then pray about it, and finally, put it all in His hands because if you seek Him, He will meet you wherever you are.

Amongst the loudest of supporters is Heather’s oldest daughter who couples pride in a parent with humor by saying, “It only took you 15 years!!” To which Heather can proudly and confidently exclaim, “But I did it!”

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