Stories from Kingdom Smiles

Stories from Kingdom Smiles

Bringing hope through a brighter and joy-filled smile!

Kingdom Smiles is Center of Hope’s acute dental program partnering with area dentists and oral surgeons to assist our participants who are experiencing serious dental pain or other health issues related to dental concerns.  Through our local partners and assistance from Center of Hope, participants are able to get the treatment they need.  We encourage participants to contribute back into the program to help others needing dental help.

“John” needed $4,327 worth of dental work done.  He was blind, on SSI and could not afford dental care for most of his life.  When he came to us, he needed 32 teeth pulled and dentures.  Thanks to the Kingdom Smiles Program, John was able to improve his quality of life.

“Shirley” fell off a ladder and needed emergency work done on the two front teeth she broke, due to the fall.  She did not have the money to get them fixed. Kingdom Smiles helped connect her to an oral surgeon, get her through the crisis and restore her beautiful smile.

Center of Hope is looking for more local professional partners to help meet the greater dental need in our area. To learn how to become a Kingdom Smiles partner, contact Carrie Jackson at

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