Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Pressing on with Hope

Asking for help was tough for Jerry. He had a steady job at a local grocery store, but from time to time, he had to come to the Center and asked for food and utility assistance. Recently, Jerry’s apartment complex caught on fire. He lost all of his belongings as well as his home. The apartment complex was able to temporarily move Jerry to a motel, which put him a long way from his place of work. Jerry called Center of Hope and left a message.

“I really need a pair of shoes. I need them so I can walk to work.”

Jerry had just lost everything, but his only request was for a pair of shoes so he wouldn’t lose his job. Center of Hope was able to grant his request plus more.

We provided Jerry with shoes, clothes, food, a Bible and vouchers for transportation to get him through the week of below-freezing temperatures in February.  Because of your giving, Jerry was able to get some relief as he navigates through this difficult time in his life.

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