Dining Room Opening in May!

Dining Room Opening in May!

“I really miss the dining room,” said one participant recently.

She went on to explain that being in the dining room provides a much needed opportunity to meet people and have conversations.  She doesn’t have many interactions because she lives alone and she does not feel like she “fits” in other places around town.  Center of Hope has always been a safe place for her.

Center of Hope is excited to announce that our kitchen and dining room are opening on May 3rd!  The dining room will be open for meals Monday-Thursday during our service hours of 10am-2pm, and mask guidelines will be in place. By serving hot meals, caring volunteers listen, pray and give encouragement to the many people who visit our dining room.

It takes a big team to make the dining room such a special place.  We are grateful for our donors, Churches of Hope and Businesses of Hope who provide the space, the food and the atmosphere that shines hope. Visit here to learn how you can also partner with us to reach our community.

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