Finding New Vision through CareersNOW

Finding New Vision through CareersNOW

Our CareersNOW Construction program celebrated its 11th class with 4 new graduates in August. This 5-week course equips students through instruction and mentorship from experienced professionals, hands-on training and connection to contractors in the industry. For individuals like Josh, one of our recent graduates, CareersNOW provided encouragement and guidance while he navigated the transition and preparations needed for a new career.

When it came to a career, Josh was lacking vision for which direction to take. With experience in hands-on work, he was searching for jobs on and came across the listing for the next CareersNOW Construction class. After registering, he experienced not only a full week of hands-on training in a variety of different skills, but the encouragement and mentorship needed to enter his newfound career path with confidence.

When asked about his instructors, Josh said, “I gained motivation and the encouragement that I am capable of more than I realize. I learned the most from the week of mock interviews.”

Josh is now employed at Oakline Floors learning the flooring and tile business and working hard with a new vision and hopes to continue advancing in the company.

7 students are currently enrolled in our last class for the year, graduating November 5th! Learn more at

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