Double the Victory

Double the Victory

Brothers celebrate passing their GED!

The summer of 2022 was one of the hottest summers in the last decade and electric bills were skyrocketing for many individuals. Jace and Stephan’s family was feeling the financial pressure and came to Center of Hope for some relief. As the advisor talked with the family, they were thrilled to find out about the Center’s GED tutoring program.

“The boys have been wanting to get their GED, but we hadn’t been able to find a program that was affordable or close to us,” Jace and Stephan’s mother recalls. “We were thrilled to hear about this opportunity.”

The boys met with the program coordinator and soon began their tutoring sessions. Each morning before their sessions began, the boys and their mother would come to the Center to volunteer. It was important to each of them to give back.

In May 2023, the boys took their GED test and passed! For both of them, this was a dream come true. “Meeting with a tutor really helped me to focus on areas where I was struggling,” remembers Jace. “The tutors help you to understand the material and make sure you succeed. For those who haven’t taken the step to earn their GED, I would like to tell them that getting their GED isn’t as scary as it seems.”
“I agree with my brother,” stated Stephan. “I needed help with algebra and my tutor explained things so I could understand. Everyone here is so nice and supportive. I had a great experience.”

In addition to tutoring, Stephan enrolled in the Jobs for Life class and graduated eight weeks later. With no work experience, he wanted to gain some insight on how to stand out to an employer. “This class gave good advice on what it takes to get a job,” Stephan said. “The mock job interviews helped me see my weaknesses and what I need to work on.”

With their diplomas in hand, the brothers have big plans for the future. Jace will be moving soon for a job opportunity, while Stephan is going to apply to Weatherford College to pursue a degree in IT.

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