Christmas Smiles

Christmas Smiles

It was January 2022 when Aletha dropped to her knees praying to God for help.  “I was struggling with my faith,” she remembered.  “I had felt lost for so long and I knew something was missing in my life.  As I was praying, I had a feeling come over me.  That was when I knew something in my life had to change.”

For many years, Aletha had been feeling the pressure of raising her special needs son coupled with years of agonizing dental pain.  “I had visited a dentist, but I didn’t have the money to cover the procedures.  I did a search on the internet and that is when I learned about Center of Hope,” she remembered. 

Aletha was able to start the process to alleviate her dental pain, but didn’t realize Center of Hope would assist her in other areas of her life.  “I had been to other charities before for help, but this one was different.  I felt so welcomed and as I made steps toward improving myself, everyone celebrated with me.  I knew God had led me here.”  While balancing her family life and a job, she was able to complete three of the Center’s classes – STEPS, CALM, and Financial Management. 

However, it was the dental program, Kingdom Smiles, which made the greatest impact.  “All my teeth were extracted and now I have dentures.  My new teeth are beautiful and I feel so blessed,” exclaims Aletha.  “The first night home with my new teeth I bit into a tortilla chip.  The crunch brought tears to my eyes.  It was so satisfying!” 

It was nearly one year ago when Aletha cried out to God for help. Now, in time for Christmas, she has a new smile and a new outlook on life.   “Coming to Center of Hope has been one of the best experiences.  I smile more, am more confident, and I know God is on my side.”

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