A Restored Future

Broken and angry, Heather Lopez walked into Center of Hope to seek assistance and a new start.  Her road to recovery from a drug addiction had already begun, but the heartache of divorce and losing custody of her three children was still very real. Heather had been studying at Bowie Learning Center seeking help in passing the math portion of the HSE (formerly known as the GED test), and it was at Bowie that she met Jim, who volunteers at Center of Hope.

Jim listened to her story, prayed for her and encouraged her to visit the Center.  Heather began receiving assistance with food from the Center, meeting with her life coach, Curtis, as well as two tutors who helped her in her journey to passing the HSE. One tutor even met with her at the library during evening hours to further assist and serve her.  Through the encouragement, prayers and help from staff and volunteers, Center of Hope soon became more than a place for Heather to receive assistance during her current trials.  It became a place of family and refuge and healing for her heart.  Heather went on to pass her HSE and is currently working, studying at Weatherford College, regularly involved in her church and has reconciled with her children.  Because of Jesus Christ and His redeeming love and grace Heather has learned to love herself as she moves forward with a transformed heart and a restored and hopeful future.

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