A Reason To Smile

A Reason to Smile

Beautiful.  Engaging.  Captivating.  How would you describe a smile?  How do you feel when someone smiles at you?

A smile is such a simple thing, yet can do so much.  It can bring joy on a dreary day.  It can show love when we feel we have been forgotten.  It can even bring hope, when all appears to be lost.  A smile is definitely a precious gift from God!  Sadly, though, there are some in this world who do not get to share this exciting and joyful experience.

Sara recently visited Center of Hope inquiring about the Kingdom Smiles dental program.  Her teeth had rotted and broken off at the gum line to the point where she rarely, if ever, would smile.  Compounding her problems, Sara had limited mental capabilities and her mother had to help her with her bills.  After learning more about Sara’s situation, and explaining to her how the Kingdom Smiles program works, we let her know that she did indeed qualify, Sara was ecstatic!

The thought of the dental work becoming a reality, and at a cost she could afford, was so much more than Sara could have ever imagined.  Then, we told her that after the extractions and healing time, we would send her to Catholic Charities to be fit for dentures.  She looked at us in total shock and disbelief!  “You mean that you are going to help with dentures, too?”  Having all of Sara’s teeth extracted and having no teeth at all was an amazing blessing in itself, but to think that Sara could actually now have a beautiful smile, went beyond her greatest expectations!

Thanks to Kingdom Smiles, people like Sara have been blessed.  They can now share the experience of God’s precious gift and have A REASON TO SMILE!  

Kingdom Smiles is made possible through the generosity of the Parker County Health Foundation, United way, and partnering dentists.  It is the only program in Parker County that provides dental services to low-income participants who are experiencing serious pain or other health issues related to dental conditions.  It is a life-changing program for those who cannot afford dental care and face the physically painful and emotionally disturbing problems of poor teeth.

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