A Foundation for Success

Careers Now Construction recently celebrated the graduation of its first class.  What an accomplishment for the seven men and three women that completed the 5-week pre-apprenticeship construction training program.  Each had their own reasons for entering the course, yet all were blessed by what they received.

One of the students, Jake commented, “My life had been bouncing from one thing to another.  I never really had any direction or focus.  That changed with Careers Now.  I found something I sincerely enjoy and look forward to doing every day.  I have a full set of skills that I know will allow me to be successful.  Most importantly, I now have a career, not just another job!”  Careers Now Construction built a foundation for Jake.  Today, Jake is enjoying a successful career as an HVAC technician.


Jimmy, another student from the first class, had a prior background in the construction industry before starting Careers Now.  He had experience with air conditioning work and installing flooring.  However, even Jimmy was amazed.  “This program definitely exceeded my expectations!  It helped show me a better way and taught me things I didn’t know could be done.  I found purpose and a new passion.”  Jimmy’s foundation of success led him to a career in the flooring sector where he now has his own flooring and tile company.


Romell, like several of the students, had a family to support; yet, Romell was a single father of young children.  He had previous work experience in construction, but the jobs were extremely low-paying.  “Careers Now provided me with the tools I needed to get a higher paying job and support my kids.  I really liked the faith-based approach of the class as Christian values are a very important part of my life.”  Romell’s new construction career started shortly after graduation.  He now works as a roofer and is extremely thankful for the foundation the Careers Now Construction program has had on his success.


Careers Now Construction offers each student practical, hands-on, construction experience in a variety of fields from carpentry to plumbing to electrical and many more.  During OSHA-week, students participate in, and ultimately obtain, Occupational Safety & Health Administration certification.  And, the life skills curriculum provides a unique opportunity for each student to build their self-esteem and increase their value to potential employers.  The most important aspect of the program is the foundation it builds for each student to have a financially rewarding and successful construction career.

To learn more about Careers Now Construction, volunteer, or register for an upcoming class, please contact Mark Jackson at 817-594-0266 (ext. 320), or markj@centerofhopetx.com.  You can also visit our website CareersNOWtx.com or find us on Facebook @CareersNOWtx.

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