Life Coaches – Bringing Hope through Relationships

Life Coaches – Bringing Hope through Relationships

Relationships are the heart of our mission at Center of Hope, and our life coaches serve in key roles to help others find joy and success. This year marked 5 years for Larry serving as a life coach and meeting people in some of their most difficult moments in life. People walk through our doors carrying different burdens, experiences and stories. Through trust, compassion and accountability, Larry and our life coaches provide a listening heart to speak truth and hope into their lives.

“What I love most are the stories of small victories. When people first come into the Center, some don’t want to be here. They are apprehensive and self-defensive with lots of fear and anger. I love when people realize we are here to help them. The stories are all so different. It may be a mental or physical issue, but that doesn’t mean their life is over. That’s my job – to help them see other opportunities that they may have never thought were possible. Some people are just downright lonely. They have isolated themselves from family and community and are depressed. I never ever want anyone to leave my office without hope.

For a lot of people who come here, it is their last hope. They don’t know what to do. When they first walk through the doors, they don’t realize this truly is a Center of Hope; that God sent them here.”

– Larry, Center of Hope Life Coach

Through your support, you are a part of helping us share the Hope and Light of Christ with others.

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