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2020 Center of Hope Donors

Center of Hope would not exist without our donors.  In an effort to be transparent, we are posting the names of all donors for 2020 (other than those who requested to remain anonymous).  If you gave a donation and do not see your name on this list please call our Chief Executive Officer at 817-594-0266 ext 305.

Adams, James

Adams, Mike and Mitzi

Adams, Susan

Alberts, Donna

Alderman, Winters and Marianne

Alexander, Debbie

Allen, Fred and Sally

Ames, Mitzi

Andersen, Jake

Anderson, Gerald and Jackie

Anderson, Katie

Andrews, Darrel and Vicki

Anstice, Tim and Terri

Applegate, Amy

Archibald, John and Sandra

Arthur, David and Ruth

Arwood, Debbie

Askew, John and Linda

Atkins, Arleen

Atkinson, Caren

Austin, Sunny

Aycock, Carrol and Blossom

Baber, Larry and Lynn

Bachelor, Melba

Bade, Greg

Bagley, MAJ and Mrs. Sam

Bagley, Craig and Kim

Baker, Virginia and Justin

Barber, Diane

Barber, Jim and Debbie

Barbieri, Michael

Barker, David and Carla

Barlow, Ritchie

Barrett, Lauren

Bartlett, Kathryne

Bartosh, Veronica

Bashore, Jacob

Bates, Debbie

Beall, Katherine

Beasley, Brian and Elisa

Beavers, Chad and Jodie

Beavers, Gary and Linda

Behm, Bethany

Bell Sr., Doug

Bennett, Charles

Bessolo, John and Jane

Bingaman, David and Stacie

Blythe, Tony and Lydia

Bogdanoff, James and Janice

Boggs, Michelle

Bogle, Linda

Bolton, Stephen and Jeane

Borrego, Diane and Earnest

Boyle, Lindy and William

Boyles Sr., Wade and Wanda

Bozeman, Clarke

Bradshaw, Kimberly

Branch, David

Brandon, Kathleen and Thomas

Brandt, Roger and Susan

Brazier, Enriqueta

Brenner, Jane

Brock, Don and LaVonne

Brock, Julie

Brockman, Cynthia

Brown, Donald

Bruno, Stephen and Carla

Buchanan, Jerry

Bullock, David and Cheryl

Burch, Dan

Burgess, Pete

Butler, Veronica

Buttolph, Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Dan & Shay

Bynum, Laura

Calloni, Ben and Cheryl

Campbell, Liberty

Capshaw, David

Carlson, Robert and Jo Anne

Carnes, Claudia

Carri, David

Carroll, Jillian

Carter, Michelle

Caudle, Dan and Donna

Caywood, Jerald and Debbie

Chadwick, Brooke

Chandler, James

Cheatham, James and Brenda

Chesney, John and Dotti

Chick, Dan and Gwen

Child, R.F. and Leah

Chism, Sharron

Chruscielski, Kathy and Ken

Claffey, Paul and Barbara

Clark, Ashlea

Clark, Nancy

Clark, Walter and Jeanette

Clerihew, Lorene

Cobb, Larry

Cobb, Ralph

Cogswell, Ruth

Collins, Jacqueline

Colson, David and Linda

Conley, Angie

Connelley, Mike and Sarah

Conner, Mike and Nancy

Coody, Sue

Cook, Burton and Karen

Cooper, Carl

Cooper, Reagan

Correll, Sam and Amber

Cowan, Tom and Sha

Cox, Royla

Cox, Steve and Donna

Crawford, Tony

Cribbs, Larry

Crippes, Korene

Crumpton, David and Vonnie

Crush, Annette

Culpepper, Gary and Carol

Curry, Bobby and Katherine

Curry, Kim

Curtis, B.G. and J.M.

Cutaia, Vince and Carrie

Dailey II, Kenneth and Sandra

Dalton, Lisa

Dandridge, Ricky

David, Dan and Carolyn

Davis, Gregg and Margaret

Davis, Mark and Jo-Alice

Davis, Mark and Sarah

Davis, Pamela

Davis, Randy

Dawson, Gene and Martha

Dean, Auber

Dearman, James

Decker, Andrew and Tammy

DeLoquier, Cecelia

Denham, Lindell

Dickason, Cindy

Dickinson, Donna

Dietz, Aaron

Dionne, Wendy

Dockens, Darcy

Doyle, Marilyn

Drillette, Martha

Dube, Hans and Amy

Duke, Kay and Michele

Duncan, Debbie

Dunn, Daniel and Kimberly

Duvall, Tara

Eason, Lance and Jennifer

Ebeling, Kelli

Edwards, Adrian and Twana

Eidson M.D., Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Sarah

Elkins, Larry

Elmore, Gordon and Paula

Engles, Michelle

Epps, Barbara

Epps, Patrice

Ericson, Thomas

Erwin, Joseph and Martha

Erwin, Victor

Etier, Trina

Evers, Greg and Rhonda

Ewing, Denny and Cynda

Fant, Lisa

Fay, David

Feissli, Raymond and Ardith

Ferguson, Brandi

Feriend, Adam and Mende

Feris, Mary

Ferrell, Ann

Ferriman, Jamie

Fischer, Lucy

Fish, Cory

Fitch, Bonn

Flannery, Lee and Kathryn

Flenniken, D. Joe

Flenniken, John and Kathryn

Foltz, Kelley

Ford, Janice

Ford, Shawna

Fox, Adolphus

Franklin, Peggy

Frazier, Phillip

Froehlich, Timothy and Frances

Fusselman, Jim

Gale, Keith

Garrett, Denise

Garrett, Wayne and Sharon

Garrison, Glenda

Geisler, Sharon

Gentry, David

Gilbert, Ken and Kay

Gildon, Courtney

Gilliam, Collin

Gilliland, Charlene

Givens, Janeen

Glenn, Dale

Gocke, Gregory and Tina

Goecke, Shelley

Goertz, Jack and Susan

Gomez, Pamela

Gonzalez, Antonio

Gonzalez, Micah

Gooch, Leisa

Goodwin, Bill and Helen

Goodwin, Cyndi

Gough and Family, Norman and Patti

Graham, Karen

Grandin, Keith

Green, Jesse and Darlene

Green, William

Gromann, Lee and Lynn

Gualandi, Drake and Tracy

Guenthardt, Michael and Jennifer

Guyon, Keith

Guyton, Larry and Jorene

Haile, Lillian and Edith

Haines, Larry

Halbert, Seth

Hall, Dante and Janelle

Hall, Traci

Hamilton, Joann

Hammond, Rosemary

Hanley, Peggy

Hanna, Shirley

Hannah, Lori

Harbour, Daniel

Hardick, Jim

Hardy, Brian and Pamela

Harper, Isabel

Harper, Jill

Harrell, Henry and Pamela

Harris, Joe

Harris, Nicole

Harris-Nicholls, Earl and Bertram

Hart, Chris

Harter, Ted and Linda

Hartman, Jim and Judy

Harvard, Timothy and Karen

Harwell, Cathey

Hawk, Jerry

Hays, Shyana

Hazelwood, Gary

Heady, Ricky and Cynthia

Hecox, Glen

Heerwagen, Dennis

Henry, D.C. and Victoria

Henson, Mike

Hester, Lindsey and Cynthia

Hickey, Bryan and Jean

Hilburn, Chrystie

Hogan, James

Hogan, Rebecca

Hogg, Beverly

Hollida, Martha

Holloway, Addie

Holt, Fred

Holt, Jeanie

Holzschuh, Tina

Honzell, Henry and Cathy

Hood, James Harold

Horsman, Martha

Houk, Kimberly and Tyler

Howard, Shirley

Howell, Jan

Howell, Ricky

Hubbard, Marsha

Huddleston, Don

Hudson, Joy

Hudson, Linda

Huffhines, Terri

Huffines, Thomas and Theresa

Huffingham, Tammie

Hughes, Barbara

Hunn, Ron

Husmann, Greg and Sandra

Inman, Darlene

Jackson, Eric

Jackson, Joyce

Jackson, Mark and Patty

Jackson, Thelma

Jagim, Rusel and Becky

James, Rickey and Stacy

Jarvis, Tyler and Andrea

Jenkin, Annette and Bill

Jensen, William

Jeremy Mikel, Emelda Rodriguez

Jernigan, Larry and Rita

Johnson Jr., Ed and Mary

Johnson, Gene and Sue

Johnson, Kyle

Johnson, Loyce

Johnson, Thomas and Dana

Joly, Hylah

Jones, Rev. Marilyn

Jones, A.

Jones, Glenn and Janis

Jones, Kali

Jones, Monica

Jordan, Bill and Nancy

Jordan, Phil

Judy, Gregory and Carol

Kallgren, Glenn

Keesy, Al and Linda

Kellerman, Austin

Kelsch, Marlene

Kennedy, Karen

Kerr, Geoffrey

Kersey, Tom and Susan

King, Phil and Terry

King, Phyllis

King, Walter and Dawn

Kirkland, John and Pam

Klasing, Jack and Louise

Klasing, Robert

Klepper, Miles and Elizabeth Ann

Knight, Steven

Knox, Larry

Kohlenberger, Linda

Kolarik, William and Yvonne

Kram, Aric and Mindy

Kreeger, Natalie

Kupper, Kikee

Kuschel, Mark

Lackey, Donald and Sherry

Lackey, Lester and Bobbie

Lackey, Pam

Lagaly, Donald and Judith

Lambert, Michael

Lambert, Robert and Sylvia

Lancaster, Mr. and Mrs.

Lane, Todd

Lanford, Michelle

Lang, Lynn

Lankes, Lisa

Lantz, Linda

Larson, Fritz

Latham Eddleman, Tera


Lauer, Michael and Norma

Lawdermilk, Cindy

Lawrence, Brian and Sandra

Lawrence, Saleta

Lecompte, Louisia

Ledbetter, Phillip

Ledford, Dennis and Barbara

Lee, Gary and Kay

Lee, Judy

Lee, Kathy

Lee, Lajuan

Lee, Ron and Lexie

Leininger, Douglas

Leppla, Sally

Lewis, Bobby

Lewis, Kathy

Lewis, Mark and Traci

Licari, Connie

Lilley, Frances

Limbocker, Todd and Debra

Limbrick, Tiffanie

Linde, Rodney and Kathryn

Linn, William and Karen

Lipsky, Steven and Shyla

Little Jr., Mr. and Mrs. L. B.

Little, Elaine

Livingston, Pamela

Lloyd, Mechelle

Loftis, David and Lisa

Long, Ted and Loree

Lord, Janice

Losos, Beth

Loughrey, Tom and Becky

Maddox, David

Mader, Perry and Barbara

Malone, Thomas

Manney, Carolyn

Markwardt, Staci

Mars, Steve

Marshall, Holly

Marshall, Michael

Martin, Beatrice

Martin, Chris and Carole

Martin, Margaret

Mathis, Evelyn

Matteson, Douglas

Maxfield, Wade

May, Derek and Susan

May, James and Jan

Mayfield, Virginia and Richard

McBee, Tammy

McBride, James

McBride, Jean

McBride, Joe and Wanda

McCarty, Dr. and Mrs. Jeff and Shelley

McCarty, Phil and Hazel

McClintock, Jayne

McCollom, Alan

McCown, Linda

McCown-Dolezal, Penny

McCoy, Kymble

McCright, Erik and Ashlie

McGregory, Toni

McInnis, Rebecca

McKinney, Michael

McLaren, Scott

McLemore, Arthur and Betty

McNew, Renee

Meacher, Frank and Joan

Mederos, Elizabeth

Merkley, Thomas

Messer, Robert and Carlynn

Metzing, Amanda

Miklos, Troy and Darci

Miller, Keith and Suzanne

Miller, Mark

Miller, Roscoe and Jenny

Mock, Mary

Moncrief, Tom

Montalvo, Samantha

Montgomery, Christopher

Montgomery, Daniel and Lyndsie

Montgomery, Philip and Linda

Moon, Timothy

Mooney, James

Moore, Charity

Moore, Richard and Linda

Morrin, Joe and Dana

Morris, Audra

Moscarello, Bette

Mullin, Marianne

Murphy M.D., James and Elizabeth

Murray, Charles

Nagel, Charles and Sheila

Napier, D. Martin and Patricia

Nelson, Kay

Nelson, Mark and Marjie

Nesmith, Charles and Cheryl

Newberry, DeAnne

Newman, Carole

Newman, Lynn and Cam

Nickman, Kirk and Pam

Nickolson, Robert and Stella

Nolden, James

Novak, Jessica

Nowak, David

Olson, Erin

Orszulak, Marlene

Pace, Cherie

Paris, Deborah

Parker, Mary

Parrott, Randt and Debbie

Patterson, Elisabeth

Payne, Heather

Payne, Suzette and Grady

Peacock, Tamara

Peacock, Wesley

Pearson, Cathy

Pegues, Scott and Elaine

Pehl-Loyd, Donna

Perez, Jaunita

Perkins, Mark and Janice

Pfaff, Beth

Phillips, Dr. Robert

Phillips, Eula

Phillips, Schahresad “Sherry”

Pickett, Sandra

Pike, Sherman and Karen

Pilkington, Berta

Pipes, Wayne and Debbie

Pipkin, Jean

Pittman, Greg

Pittman, Milton and Malinda Foti

Pittman-Fay, Victoria

Plumlee, Stephen and Nancy

Pool, Oneida

Pope, Bradley

Porter, Richard

Portillo, Joseph

Prater, Lynne

Prentice, David and Kerri

Prescott, Victoria

Preston, James

Prince, Zan

Prisco, Leonard and Barbara

Privette, Linda

Purcell, David

Pyle, Carol

Quevedo, P. Jason

Quimby, Destiny

Ranspot, Valerie

Ray, James and Jana

Reagan, James and Melynda

Reddout, Scott and Julia

Reed, Becky

Reynolds, Mary

Rice, Michael

Richards, Melinda

Riker, Jennifer and Ron

Rinehart, Toni

Ripperton, John and Mary

Roberson, DD and Sandra

Robinson, Jeff and Paula

Robinson, Rob

Robinson, Susan

Robinson, Vickie

Robohm, Jordan

Rockey, Cari

Roden, Ryan

Rodgers, Michael

Rodosta, Heidi

Rodriguez, Edwardo and Eloisa

Rodriguez, Roland

Rogers, Jonathan

Rohloff, Sharon

Romack, Stan

Rooke, Robert

Rosenbalm, Kristi

Rosser, Brenda

Roushey, Willa

Roybal, Jennifer

Rudiger, Leland and Carol

Ruthenberg, Anita

Sadel, Alisa and Mark

Salie, Cynthia

Sallee, Phil

Sallee, Verney and Sue

Sampugnaro, Shellie

Sanabria, Christopher

Sanders, Myrene

Schlosberg, Aaron

Schnebly, Don

Schwalm, Sandra

Schwarz, Ken and Rebekah

Scott, Jimmy and Gaylene

Sears, Debra and Richard

Seedig, Kittye

Semeteys, Elise

Shaheed, Elizabeth

Sharp, Rita

Shaver, Genie

Sheehy, Scotti

Shelton, Douglas

Shipley, Fred

Shoemaker, Rachelle

Siefkas, Thresia

Simko Hamilton, Jennifer

Simmons, Ronald

Sims, Judy

Slates, Rhonda

Smith, Billy

Smith, Charlsta

Smith, Christy

Smith, Jon and Virginia

Smith, Kathy

Smith, Sandy

Smith, Thomas and Debra

Smith, William Bland

Sneed, Louis

Sneed, Pat and Carrie

Snow, Gary and Linda

Sons, Janice

Spikes, Steve and Amy

Stallons, Kirk and Jeana

Staples, Gavin and Jessica

Sterrett, Scott

Stevens, Jody and Patty

Steward, James and Jennifer

Stewart, Diane

Stinnett, Marnita

Stinson, Ron

Stodola, Mark

Storm, Edward and Laurie

Strickland, Ben

Stuart, Frances

Stuhlman, Cathy

Suerken, Peter

Summarell, Randall and Sandra

Swaim, Rosemarie

Swanson, Morgan

Sykes, Kelley

Tanner, Todd

Teague, Janis

Tedone, Mary Ann and Calvin

Teems, Michael and Sylvia

Terrell, Kenneth and Deborah

Teskey, Anissa

Thomas, Luther

Thomas, Teddy

Thomason, Jean

Thompson, Dennis and Kathryn

Thompson, Faye

Thompson, Lorie

Thompson, Scott

Thornburg, Les and Sarah

Thorne, James

Tibbets, Sandy

Tiner, Mark

Tinnel, Sherry

Toles, Ronald and Ingalill

Tomlinson, Brett

Torres, Leonard and Rhonda

Toulouse, Melissa

Trask, Barrett

Trinkle, M.J.

Trussell, Frances and Emmett

Tucker, Sarah

Tully, Helen

Tverdos, Wendy

Unangst, Tammy

Valdez, Carlos

Van Winkle, Venessa

Van Zandt, James and Sharon

Vaughn, Caroline

Vestal, David and Elizabeth

Vick, Charles and Dedra

Vicknair, John and Becky

Vinson, Donna

Vogel, Paul and Vicki

Wagle, Jennifer

Wakefield, Margaret

Walczak, Jill

Walker, Andrew

Walker, Laura

Walker, Lisa

Wallace, Ken and Marissa

Wallace, Sandra

Walls, Robert and Trobie

Walters, Richard

Watzlavick, Robert

Waugh, Becki

Weckel, Wilfin and Susan

Weems, Fletcher

Weitzel, Elizabeth

Welch, Pax

Wessel, Kendall

Westendorf, Ronald and Roberta

Wester, Marilyn

Wester, Nancy

Wheeling, E. Tom and Beth

White, Bob

White, Buddy and Melody

White, Christina

White, Kathi

Whitecotton, Ulis and Tonya

Whitehead, Scott

Whitely, Daniel

Whitford, Ty and Nikki

Wilkins, Henry and Carol

Wilkins, Lois Adams and Dian

Wilkins, Stephen

Wilkinson, Joe and Karen

Wilkinson, Kim

Willeford, David

Williams, Carolyn

Williams, Elizabeth

Williams, Jeffrey and Kathy

Williams, Jennifer

Williams, Wes and Dana

Wilson, Kenneth and Teresa

Wilson, Vicki

Winkelblech, Mark and Diane

Winsett, Karen

Wise, Calah

Wise, Cristy

Woffard, Donna

Wolf, Bonnie

Wood, Thomas and Amber

Woodring, Ashley

Woodward, William and Ellen

Worthington, Walter and Jo

Wren, Christopher and Dinah

Yates, Arik

Yeates, Chad

York, Dennis

Young, Jack

Young, Wes and Olivia

Youngblood, Jerry

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