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Development Coordinator

Parker County Center of Hope is accepting applications for a Development Coordinator.

To apply for this position, first read the job description and qualifications below.  Then, submit your resume (PDF or Word format) to

Job Title:   Development Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Operations

Hours:  25 hours per week

Starting pay:  $15.00 hr.

Job Summary:  The Development Coordinator will be responsible for development classes.  Instructional delivery, planning, facilitating, and developing new classes are key focuses of the job.  This individual will be actively involved in a church.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and/or provide instruction for Development classes.
  • Develop and write curriculum for new classes.
  • Assist in recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers to help provide instruction for Development classes.
  • Maintain all class registration, attendance, and performance records; submit to the Director of Operations in a timely manner.
  • Complete statistical data and reports, to include data input on ETO, as required by the Director of Operations to monitor and evaluate program activities and participant outcomes.
  • Maintain a database of Jobs for Life graduates.
  • Provide direction and andragogic information for Development volunteers.
  • Attend Center of Hope staff and Operations’ team meetings.
  • Work collaboratively with the Education Coordinator and CareersNow Coordinator.
  • Participate in individual and group training activities as requested and appropriate through Center of Hope.
  • Participate in continuing education opportunities to further professional development.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education – required
  • Teaching Certification – preferred
  • Counseling Certification – preferred
  • Experience working with individuals with drug/alcohol abuse issues
  • Experience working with individuals with MHMR issues
  • S. citizenship or permanent residency
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of Adult Education principles
  • Experience teaching adults and developing classes for adult learners
  • Ability to develop classes and write curriculum for COH classes
  • Interest in Community Service
  • Ability to teach adult students with diverse socio-economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.
  • Ability to direct people as they work on projects together to accomplish meaningful goals.
  • Ability to work independently and make appropriate decisions while supervising groups of volunteers and student participants.
  • Proficient in computer literacy: Microsoft Word and Excel for reporting.


Contact Us

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