We are a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to helping others break the cycle of poverty in Parker County – building on relationships with accountability.

Our Philosophy

There are three areas of poverty: physical, emotional, and spiritual. We seek to address these areas with groceries, financial assistance, mentoring relationships, and sharing our faith.

Through our many years of ministry, we have learned through success and failures how to better serve those in need.  We strive to be a relational ministry where everyone is encouraged to discover their talents and abilities and find God's purpose for their life. 

Our Solutions

First and foremost, we believe Jesus Christ is the solution to our poverty.

But when a crisis arises, we have a variety of solutions to help families become self-sufficient. Center of Hope strives to provide help for short-term crisis and nurture the development of long-term solutions.

Short-term Solutions

When families experiencing a crisis come to the Center, they sit down with an advocate who identifies their income and expenses. After discussing their situation in detail, a Plan of Action is developed. Groceries, meals, and financial assistance are some ways the Center is able to help deal with their crisis.

Long-Term Solutions

Short-term help has its place to assist people experiencing crisis. However, when that help is given too long, it actually becomes harmful to the recipient.

Education, Mentoring and Accountability are vital components to help someone to become self-sustaining. We not only develop a student’s vocational education, but develop the student’s social and personal aspects as well. By expanding our curriculum to develop a student’s well-being, self-sufficiency, and spiritual growth, students will have an improved quality of life and learn to become better contributors to our community.

Our Reach

All assistance is for Parker County residents and Aledo ISD.