Paula Robinson
Donna Couch
Staci Markwardt
Donna Kirkpatrick

Jennifer Bledsoe
Jacque Scheffe

Chief Executive Officer
Finance Director
Development Director
Media Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Community Relations Coordinator
Accounting Assistant (Part Time)


Jana Marbut-Ray
Jane Wilsky
Laura Brownlow
Linda Leal
Tony Antonio
Tammie Freeze
Pat Johnson
Carrie Jackson
Colleen Wiley


Director of Operations
Basic Assistance/Volunteer Manager
Family Empowerment Manager
Family Empowerment Assistant (Part Time)
Pantry Manager
IT/ ECD Volunteer Administrator
Education Manager (Part Time)
Career Development Manager (Part Time)
Facility Care and Vehicle Maintenance

Resale Store:

Danell Phillips
Heidi Rodosta
Linda Dorris

Store Manager
The Hope Chest Sales Associate (Part Time)
The Hope Chest Sales Associate (Part Time)


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