Jobs for Life™ is a curriculum developed to take the students on a journey – a journey to discover their unique value and the principles they need to overcome roadblocks in their lives. Centered on the Bible, the course covers lessons learned from the lives of characters such as Joseph, David, and Ruth, the teachings of Jesus' parables, and examples of real world heroes.

In addition, the class equips the students with core work readiness skills such as presenting their 60 second commercial, developing a vocational plan, building a resume, learning effective interviewing skills, and many others.

Center of Hope uses this curriculum as part of our Hope for Tomorrow Program.  This class is an element of our Job/Career Preparation initiative to assist clients with the ability to gain long-term employment and develop character needed for success.

With a team of volunteers, we work with students to:

Identify roadblocks – lack of education, criminal record, gaps in employment, substance abuse, personal issues, etc.

Develop their history – both work history to build a resume and personal history to reconcile roadblocks

Build a starter resume to gain stop-gap employment for immediate needs and a career resume for long-term goals

Complete a career key to identify a career to embrace the student's strengths

Develop a roadmap along with career resume with steps needed to achieve a long-term career

We believe that just finding a job for someone who needs a job - without providing much more - has never worked, no matter how many times it's been tried. The Jobs for Life (JfL) Class consists of 16 sessions and teaches timeless biblical principles concerning work and the ways those principles are applied in employment.

After advancement from the JfL class, the program continues the relationship with students from to eliminate roadblocks for those who have not found employment or are still working on their career journey.

How Can You Get Involved?

Businesses and volunteers are encouraged to participate and assist students with discussions and mock interviews to help them gain communication and employability skills.

If you are interested in the Hope for Tomorrow Program, please contact our site leader, Tammie Freeze, at 817-594-0266 ext. 327

For information about the Jobs for Life™ curriculum, view their website!

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