Steps to being a volunteer:

1. Complete Volunteer Application
2. Meet with Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are the “heart” of Center of Hope. Often through meeting specific needs and/or conversations, the volunteer is able to break through walls of indifference, hurt or hardness to the Gospel to communicate God’s love in ways the client can understand.

Center of Hope strives to apply a team concept. Each volunteer has an important role, whether you are here one hour or every day. When you volunteer, your actions and words have impact on the clients, who are looking to you for compassion and support. To strengthen the team, you will learn to pray together and work together.

Expectations of volunteers:

  • High moral integrity
  • Knowledge and compliance to Center of Hope guidelines
  • Attendance at on-going volunteer trainings and input at meetings
  • Attitude of Christ at the Center when dealing with volunteers, staff, and clients
  • Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer. Our belief is that God doesn’t call the “qualified” to do His work, He “qualifies” the called. You are here because you have a desire to help others. We applaud you for that and will work with you to gain the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective instrument for Him at Center of Hope in ministering to clients.

    You are embarking on an exciting journey...

    Step 1. Fill out Application

    Step 2. Contact Volunteer Coordinator

    After completing the form, please contact Jane Wilsky for future volunteer training and more info.
    Call 817-594-0266 ext. 310 or email